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Crisis Stabilization:
Crisis Stabilization is a 1:1 service provided to youth who due to their emotional and/or mental health needs are at risk of imminent placement in a psychiatric hospital, residential treatment center or other institutional placement. Crisis stabilization focuses on preventing youth's crisis through involving them in activities that gives them opportunities to practice making positive decisions,learn coping skills, and learn how to process difficult situations.
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Parent Assistance:
A service to help the client/parent/caregiver acquire parenting skills and/or organize their household to be a clean, safe environment. The parent assistant teaches, models, and monitors appropriate child-rearing strategies and techniques and household management skills. Provides information on child development, age appropriate behavior and parental expectations, and childcare activities. Includes assisting the child and family with securing basic resources such as food, clothing, medicine, access to support groups, etc. Provides training and assistance with routine household tasks and household management techniques related to the caregiver acquiring the skills and competencies necessary to become self-sufficient.
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Anger Management:
Anger Management curriculum is offered in a standardized session (60 to 90 minutes long) for 8 weeks. Classes are done in group settings of up to 10 participants. The goal of the Anger Management Group is to help youth with anger management issues and high levels of aggression learn to control their emotions, manner of response to others and more effective ways to communicate with others.
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Camp Integrity:
Camp Integrity provides a day camp geared to foster positive peer interaction, interpersonal skills, creativity, self-esteem, conflict resolution, gang prevention/intervention and daily living skills. Through a variety of onsite and weekly off-site activities, Camp Integrity promotes the importance of independence, the value of teamwork, and the benefit of positive sportsmanship.
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A mentor is a person engaged to develop a one-on-one relationship and function as both a positive role model and advocate for a child or adolescent in his/her family system.A mentor could be involved in a variety of activities with a child, with the focus including recreation, special school projects, social skills and peer relationship building, personal care/hygiene/exercise, etc.
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Life Skills:
Daily Living Skills Individual provides support, training and skill development on an individual (1:1) basis for clients ages 14 to 18.Topics covered include: 1. Basic self-care, grooming and hygiene 2. Appropriate medication management and storage. 3. Use of a telephone and basic communication skills including accessing emergency police, fire and medical assistance 4. Nutrition, meal planning and preparation. Including general cooking skills and use of conventional stove/oven and microwave oven. 5. Purchase and proper/safe storage of food, household supplies and chemicals. 6. Household maintenance ie: making a bed; laundry skills; vacuuming and dusting; proper cleaning for kitchen and bathroom facilities; trash removal and recycling. 7. Laundry and basic mending skills for clothing/bedding.
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After school program:
Our after school program offers supervision and structure for youth through social, recreational and educational activities.This program is only offered when school or summer school is in session for up to four hours per day.Program is offered at our agencies location.
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